Fully Immersive VIP English Language Tuition, English Language Homestays, 
Business English Language Courses & English Language Family Holidays


at Learning English in Chester

Do you want to speak the Queen’s English language and learn about polite British manners and culture? Would you like to visit the real England and not worry about an itinerary, or about your English language skills? Do you want the best English Language tutor for yourself or your children?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you should book a Tailor made English Language Homestay or English Language Family Holiday with The English Experience in Chester.

I have years of successful, academic teaching experience with excellent qualifications and offer enjoyable, well-structured, intensive VIP English language Tuition with cultural activities for all ages on a one to one or two-to-one basis. Find out more about me here 

I offer personally tailored English language homestays where you and your children will be fully immersed in The English Experience. Whether you require homestays for your children out of term time, yourself for Business English Language Courses, or an English language family holiday, I can tailor your stay to all of your requirements.

You will receive high quality VIP English Language tuition in the comfort of a safe, family home as well as educating with cultural and historical visits across the UK. You will study an English language immersion course in my private, traditional British home in Chester and follow a varied programme of pleasurable activities during your stay in the UK. 

Find out more about our English Language Homestays here

I can design a personal English Language family holiday where you will learn better English and I will also be your companion; organising and accompanying you wherever you would like to visit and look after you during your stay. During your stay you will also learn a lot about English customs and the English way of life while living with myself as your private tutor. Find out more about our English Language Family Holidays here 

You can also book VIP English language courses which can include visits to Europe, bespoke tuition on required subjects such as interview techniques or preparation for university attendance in the UK. Find out more about our VIP English Language Courses here

For any other questions, please contact me for more information.