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Learning  English in Chester - The fast and easy way to learn English !
 Welcome to Learning English in Chester where communication in English is at the center of our learning process. It is through talking English to real  English people that you will improve your English communication skills.
 The best way to learn English quickly is to follow a one-to -one or two-to-one intensive residential
 English course in your teacher Julie's home and speak and listen to English all day even when you are not in  lessons ! 
You will follow private, personalised  English classes , experience English life and culture and speak , read, listen and write English every day during your stay . This is hard work , but it is rewarding and I believe that it is  the most successful way to improve your English level in a short amount of time .
one to one English .. the best way to learn English quickly.. private lessons with your personal teacher Julie
 Julie Austin-Kaye has taught for more than 25 years and is a highly experienced and successful English language university teacher with full CELTA  qualifications and a Joint Honours Language  degree from London University. She believes in using English at all times and once you have arrived she will talk to you and assess your English level and needs and then she will create your own customised one-to-one  English course aimed at improving your English as fast as possible.
Her curriculum is focused on targeting your personal English needs with lessons each week-day plus a wide range of enjoyable  cultural activities in the afternoon and evening with Julie as your companion and teacher.
You don't only learn English in the classroom ! Julie knows from experience that learning a language is a real life experience and you are learning and practising your English while walking with Julie on an excursion.
Julie can offer a range of courses eg:
  •                       Intensive TOEFL and IELTS preparation  .
  •                       General English  and  Beginners English courses ( suitable for learning the English                       used in everyday situations and making friends with English people )
  •                       Business English courses suitable for a wide range of professions:  Law ,Medicine etc                       English and Culture holidays (where you can practise your English and enjoy a wide                       choice of excursions and activities with Julie.
  •                       English language holiday stays for young students with a customised activity                                 programme  and pastoral care from Julie herself.Julie has experience of teaching                               young people from 8-18 years of age .

Contact Julie to find out more about her customised home tuition courses with a starting price of  £799 per week all inclusive of  lessons , accomodation, food and social activities  on :

                                            **  Bring a friend to keep you company and get 20% discount !
Learning English in Chester residential English courses with your teacher .
Learning  English in Chester and staying in Julie's family  home can be a great, enjoyable experience when you stay with a friendly, helpful teacher in the unique  city of Chester with its many bars, restaurants, shops, river and history and live in a lovely English country house.

   Different views of the historic, Roman city of Chester

 Visit and speak English in the beautiful , historic shopping centre of Chester 

The steps to the 14th century "rows" in Chester.. shops built on top of each other . This style of architecture dates back to Tudor times ( King Henry the VIII )



Chester race course .. the oldest in the country !

The ancient Roman walls that encircle the old centre of Chester.

  Julie can, however , offer you  alternative accommodation  if you so wish .There are many pretty Bed and Breakfast or hotels to choose from if you prefer to be independant but you will not practise your English as much !
 What is more important , is that her prices are cheaper than other one-to-one English courses in Chester. 

                                               email : jaustinkaye@btinternet.com
           Julie can also offer intensive English weekend stays to busy clients who would prefer to follow short              courses.Read more about how she can help you :Weekend courses
 Julie your friendly, experienced  teacher. Enjoy working, talking  and improving your English with Julie  at  Learning English in Chester, luxury professional English language courses for students looking for something better ! 
                                                 Email or telephone Julie to find out more .
                                             email :  jaustinkaye@btinternet.com
                                             tel:      07856063442

                                Julie's Home is only 10  minutes from the city of Chester by car !
Your  beautiful, luxury  English school where you will  learn and improve your  English for work, dealing with people ,  prepare for IELTS or TOEFL exams or come to Julie for a pleasant English conversation holiday !!                      This is where you will be staying 3 miles from the busy town centre of Chester.
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